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04.05.2012 в 14:32
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Nell returns with bigger sound

Modern rock band releases new album ‘Slip Away,’ plans to go abroad

Breaking a four-year hiatus, modern rock band Nell returned to fans with its fifth album “Slip Away” last month, already sweeping the country’s music charts thanks to its signature psychedelic and addictive sound.

The new album sounds more spacious, acoustic and profound than before, clearly demonstrating that the members of the 13-year-old band have fully matured as musicians and as men. Now in their 30s, the band members said they wanted to portray themselves in the new album as helplessly accepting the reality that is cruel and bitter, but with a very honest attitude.

“We think that our music has changed a lot. In our 20s, we dreamed of doing things we couldn’t do. But, now 33, we dream about what we can do,” Kim Jong-wan, the band’s leader and vocal told reporters at a private luncheon held in Seoul on Wednesday.

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By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldm.com)

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